Corporate and M & A

At the core of our practice are services that are tailored to the specific characteristics of each project or transaction.

The corporate and M&A practice is central to our firm. The comprehensive scope of our services, the international reach of our resources and the professional integrated multidisciplinary approach define the experience our clients have when working with us.

We service a strong recurring international client base, advising on a large spectrum of corporate matters on key issues facing modern corporates and leading on some of the most significant private and public M&A transactions on the market. In this sense our solid and diverse portfolio is a testimony to our non-compromising professionalism and business acumen.

Drawing upon the knowledge and skills acquired through all past experience we use our intellectual capital to offer you highly-skilled integrated advice and comprehensive coverage across your strategic legal needs covering a wide range of your requirements at a global level.

Our integrated practice contributes to our unrivalled experience in top-end M&A transaction projects and has a global dimension in various industries, delivered by combining a high level of professionalism with sound commercial focus


  • We provide unrivalled experience at every stage of a company‚Äôs lifecycle, and therefore help you comply in every respect so that you can safely compete in the commercial environment
  • Corporate establishment and restructuring
  • Focused, business-oriented and constructive input on day-to-day matters including: shareholder/ board meetings, shareholders' rights, payment and treatment of dividends, board composition, director independence issues, corporate governance and liability management
  • Advising listed companies on compliance with all relevant corporate documentation legal requirements and in drafting all corporate governance required documents including: call notices, invitations, storyboards, register, minutes, etc.)
  • Providing general legal commercial advice, on a wide array of domestic and international commercial contracts, including compliance legal services

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • National and cross-border reorganizations such as mergers and spin-offs
  • Various types of highly-complex transactions (including straightforward and multi-phase transactions) such as disposals and acquisitions of equity and assets (business transfers) including various intra-group transactions for reorganization purposes
  • Joint-ventures and other cooperation agreements
  • Buy-side and sell-side due diligence in various sectors
  • Private equity, strategic investors and financial investors projects
  • Drafting and negotiating pre-deal documents (e.g. LoI, MoU, NBO etc.)
  • Structuring transactions
  • Performing due diligence (buy-side and sell-side)
  • Drafting and negotiating transaction documents (share purchase agreement, asset purchase agreement, investment agreement, shareholders' agreement)
  • Drafting and negotiating any other documents in relation to a transaction (escrow agreements, shareholders' agreements, transitional support agreements)
  • Legal assistance up to and at closing of the transaction, e.g. assisting with / keeping track of fulfilment of any closing conditions / requirements; preparation, co-ordination and execution of the closing
  • Following-up with any formalities required (e.g. registration of the new shareholding in the trade registry, sending of any notices to public authorities, if required)
  • Advising on any legal issues after the closing (e.g. including drafting any notices of claim)
  • Following-up any supervision of rights / duties resulting from the transaction documents