Technology Law

We use our extensive knowledge of the complex commercial and technical issue encompassing Romanian and EU regulatory frameworks to assist clients.

As technology is the new reality of today's world, our clients are in the middle of an effervescent business environment which transcends national boundaries, where Blockchain, Artificial intelligence and Online platforms are the main drivers.

In a dynamic and multi-faceted sector, we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled advice, while working on the most significant projects and combining the right expertise and adequate insights for each project.

We understand the backbone of the digital economy and we are able to identify the tipping point where technology meets legal. Using our extensive knowledge of Romanian and European regulatory frameworks, we provide our clients with legal support throughout the entire chain of the project from the phase of designing the product/solution to the final drawing up and negotiating of complex contractual frameworks.

  • Advice on the digitalisation of business processes
  • Advice on designing and developing digital products and business models (big data, Internet of Things and distributed ledger technology)
  • Assistance in digitalising the client onboarding process
  • Cross-border business process outsourcing agreements
  • Assistance with technology arising in the Fintech sector
  • Technology related disputes
  • E-commerce compliance assistance
  • Technology-oriented transactions